Let's start with the obvious question

If ever there was a beloved pet, it was Cassie. She was as sweet, affectionate and human-oriented as any animal I have ever known. My ex-wife and I had her for about 10 years and she was, in a lot of ways, the focal point of our family.

When I started looking for an available domain name, I naturally turned to Cassie for inspiration. We had long joked that the shade of her nose reflected her mood, and it did in fact change from pale to deep pink with many variations in between. We attributed this to her use of a product called “Nosepink” that she manufactured in a secure facility using her pure white paws.

We lost Cassie suddenly in July, 2008. Even though she’s gone, I will always remember Cassie and her amazing ability to bring calm and joy by her mere presence and gentle purr. I hope you’ll enjoy the various tributes to her scattered around this website and I urge you to “Please don’t forget the Nosepink!”
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